Guest writer : Reading and Conversation with Salena GODDEN

Dans le cadre du colloque Consolation
Présenté par Héloïse LECOMTE (ENS de Lyon)

Salena GODDEN FRSL is an award-winning author, poet and broadcaster of Jamaican-mixed heritage based in London. In 2021 Canongate published her highly acclaimed debut novel Mrs Death Misses Death. It won The Indie Book Award for fiction and was the winner of The Peoples Book Prize 2022. It was also shortlisted for The British Book Awards ; The Bad Form Magazine Book Of The Year shortlist and The Gordon Burn Prize. Film and TV rights to this debut novel have been taken by Idris Elba and Green Door Pictures.

Currently Godden is working on three new books for Canongate : a memoir, a poetry collection and an eagerly anticipated second novel set in the Mrs Death Misses Death universe – all three books are due for publication in 2024 and 2025.(...)