Ius gentium – Théories et pratiques du droit international dans le droit et la théologie de la première modernité

Organisation et contact : Gaëlle DEMELEMESTRE


This symposium proposes to explore five major issues related to the early modern theory and practice ofius gentium :
1. The generic definitions of ius gentiumbetween theory and practice
2. Dominium, kingdoms, borders and international trade
3. Humanity, Church, Empire and State
4. The question of global stability and of the binding force of the law of nations
5. Theory and practices -The right to war, the intermediaries of peace and the question of the use of the law of nations in case of conflict

Comité scientifique / Scientific Committee
Annabel BRETT, Olivier DESCAMPS, Frédéric GABRIEL, Frank GRUNERT, David KENNEDY, Pierre-François MOREAU, Mogens LAERKE, Randal LESSAFEL, Luigi-Alberto SANCHI, Mathias SCHMOECKEL, Diego QUAGLIONI