Science and other different things. Variations on Deleuzian themes

Workshop organisé par Sara FRANCESCHELLI et Adrian W. MOORE

Programme du workshop

The philosophies of Deleuze, Simondon, Ruyer are entwined with their authors’ understandings of the mathematics, sciences, and technologies of their time.
Readers of these philosophers are familiar with terms such as singularities, metastability, transduction, morphogenesis, information, plateaus… as they inform and structure their works. These works, in turn, may be read with questions in mind coming from our endeavours to make sense of things that surround us today. This process might introduce a move on the way one feels allowed to use these terms that, suddenly, seem to lose their acquired philosophical binds to face, once again, the question of their pertinence for particular scientific or technical questions or for different scopes. In this workshop, we convene researchers who are interested in this kind of diving from Deleuzian perspectives, both into contemporary science and into other different things – with special attention to the variations of this experience in the passage from one thing to another when one re-emerges.