Table ronde « Ancients and Moderns : New Perspectives on an Old Quarrel »

Organisation : Tristan ALONGE (Maison Française d’Oxford / Université de La Réunion) et Larry NORMAN (University of Chicago)

This round table will explore new areas of research on the literary and intellectual controversy that reshaped the world of letters in late 17th and early 18th century France : la querelle des anciens et des modernes. The participants will open a discussion on new approaches to the Quarrel through a reflection on their own work currently in progress : a translation into French of the Shock of the Ancient : Literature and History in Early Modern France (Larry F. Norman, University of Chicago), a critical online edition of Charles Perrault’s Parallèle des Anciens et des Modernes (Delphine Reguig, Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne/IHRIM), the role of women writers in the Quarrel (Helena Taylor, University of Exeter), and the place of Voltaire in the Querelle d’Œdipe (Tristan Alonge, MFO / Université de La Réunion).

Tristan ALONGE (MFO / Université de La Réunion)
Larry NORMAN (University of Chicago)
Delphine REGUIG (Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne)
Helena TAYLOR (University of Exeter)

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