Experience and Eternity in Spinoza

Pierre-Francois MOREAU

Édition et traduction de Robert BONCARDO
coll. « Spinoza Studies »
Édinbourg (Royaume-Uni), Edinburgh University Press
janvier 2021, 688 p.
ISBN 9781474438902

Première traduction anglaise de l’étude fondatrice de Pierre-François Moreau, qui transforme fondamentalement notre compréhension héritée de la philosophie de Spinoza.

The first English-language translation of Pierre-François Moreau’s seminal study, which fundamentally transforms our inherited understanding of Spinoza’s philosophy :

  • Presents a systematic reappraisal of Spinoza’s philosophical system around the enigmatic concept of experience
  • Demonstrates how Spinoza’s concept of experience is essential to an understanding of the Ethics, including such crucial concepts as necessity, infinitude and eternity
  • Bridges the divide in contemporary scholarship between Spinoza the affect theorist and Spinoza the hyper-rationalist
    What could it mean to feel eternal ? Through a detailed study of Spinoza’s concept of ‘experience’, Moreau shows how Spinoza extends the power of reason to domains frequently seen as irrational, from common life to history, language to the passions. Where previously Spinoza’s thought was identified exclusively with the geometrical method, Moreau demonstrates that by mobilising his unique account of ‘experience’, Spinoza is able to capture the singularity of individuals, their lives, languages, passions and societies.

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