Rousseau on stage :

playwright, musician, spectator

Maria GULLSTAM and Michael O’DEA (ed.)

coll. « Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment »
Oxford, Voltaire Foundation
septembre 2017, 380 p.
ISBN 978-0-7294-1199-8

Following his opposition to the establishment of a theatre in Geneva, Jean-Jacques Rousseau is often considered an enemy of the stage. Yet he was fascinated by drama : he was a keen theatre-goer, his earliest writings were operas and comedies, his admiration for Italian lyric theatre ran through his career, he wrote one of the most successful operas of the day, Le Devin du village, and with his Pygmalion, he invented a new theatrical genre, the Scène lyrique (‘melodrama’). Through multi-faceted analyses of Rousseau’s theatrical and musical works, authors re-evaluate his practical and theoretical involvement with and influence on the dramatic arts, as well as his presence in modern theatre histories.

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